30—31 May 2022

ICAB Conference 2022

Lessons from the pandemic

30—31 May 

Wolfheze, Fletcher hotel de Buunderkamp

As the global COVID-19 pandemic forced a sudden transition to emergency online education in early 2020, academic discourse quickly shifted to focus on the new situation and what could be learned from it. 
In higher and secondary education, five main themes were identified:  

  • Affect: how we were affected internally in terms of stress and pressure, but also in terms of interconnectedness and mutual support; 
  • The practice of teaching: how we were forced to revisit procedures and focus on core values; 
  • The context of teaching: how educational institutions reacted to the emergency situation; 
  • Achievement and assessment: how we learned to use online assessments and how academic achievement was affected; 
  • Equity: how existing divides were widened. 

The acute interconnectedness experienced during the pandemic can be used to develop a pedagogy of care in which support is explicitly organized on both socio-emotional and academic levels. 
In 2022’s edition of the ICAB conference (Innovation Centers Academic Bèta education), we allow ourselves to take a step back and reflect on what this upheaval has taught us. International experts give us their views and participants are invited to share their own experiences and develop new roads ahead.


Prof. dr. Maarten VansteenkisteUniversity of Ghent
Prof. dr. Isabel ArendsUtrecht University
Drs. Pieter DuisenbergUniversities of the Netherlands
Prof. dr. Jacqueline van Muijlwijk-KoezenVrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Prof. dr. Vinod SubramaniamUniversity of Twente
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