30—31 May 2022
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#1 Teacher shortage

Date: Tuesday, May 31 (09:30–11:00)
Room: Zaal 1

During the pandemic teachers at all levels demonstrated unprecedented flexibility. At the same time, the long-standing and dire shortage of teachers became more evident than ever. In this session we are going to look for inspiration in other sectors of society in order to come up with out-of-the-box solutions, directed specifically to the science teacher shortage in secondary education in the Netherlands. So it will truly be a work-shop. The work-shop will be guided by inspirators from very different (academic and non-academic) backgrounds. In this way we want to harvest some valuable ideas, however unusual or far-fetched!

ir. Merit ClocquetSportinnovator
Jan-Yme de Boer MScMinistry of Education, Culture & Science
Prof. dr. Jan van TartwijkUtrecht University
Drs. Suzanne von der Dunk
Laura Wieseman MAUniversiteiten van Nederland
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